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  • Onset HOBO and InTemp Data Loggers

    Browse Onset's HOBO and InTemp data loggers including temperature data loggers. Find applications for indoor, outdoor, underwater and temperaturecontrolled storage monitoring.

  • Pressure sensorWikipedia

    A pressure sensor is a device for pressure measurement of gases or liquids.Pressure is an expression of the force required to stop a fluid from expanding, and is usually stated in terms of force per unit area. A pressure sensor usually acts as a transducer it generates a signal as a function of the pressure imposed. For the purposes of this article, such a signal is electrical.

  • Pressure transmitters KROHNE Group

    For absolute, gauge and differential pressure measurement. From basic, ultra-compact to modular, extensible pressure transmitters. With ceramic and metallic measuring cell. For use in hazardous areas, hygienic environments or safety-related applications (SIL).

  • Pressure Transmitter Microsensor

    Pressure Transmitters. Micro Sensor provides a wide range of pressure transmitters and transducers for process control, marine, industrial gases, food and beverage, HVAC and telemetry, etc. The pressure transmitter ranges from 0.1bar to 1000bar, outputs 0.5V~2.5V DC / 0.5V~4.5V DC / 4mA~20mA DC, etc.

  • Differential Pressure Transducers for Filtration TE

    Differential pressure transducers can be used to monitor filters in various applications. Differential pressure measurement is the difference in pressure between two points in a system. For filtration applications, the upstream side [A] is positioned before the filter [B], whereas the downstream side [C] is

  • Pressure Sensors / Vacuum Sensorsifm electronic

    Pressure sensors / Vacuum sensors. Sensors and transmitters with integrated evaluation. Specially for the use in hygienic applications. Excellent overload protection and long-term stability. Measuring ranges of -1600 bar. Variable process connection using adapters. Select by application.

  • Pressure sensors Kistler

    Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor (IEPE7 bar / 100 psi) Type 601CBA00007.0. Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor (IEPE3.5 bar / 50 psi) Type 601CBA00003.5. Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor (IEPE1.5 bar / 22 psi) Type 601CBA00001.5. Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor (PE10 bar / 145 psi) Type 7261A.

  • Pressure Transmitters & Pressure SwitchesBürkert

    Pressure meters, transmitters & switches from Bürkert Wide range Ideally suited for fluids & gases Find ideal sensors & switches now! Limited range of functionsPlease contact us! Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to provide you with functionalities such as our eShop or

  • Pressure RangerSignalFire Wireless Telemetry

    The SignalFire Pressure Ranger is an IoT (internet of things) cellular pressure transmitter using the latest LTE CAT M1 technology for sensors and fully integrated with SignalFire’s cloud monitoring and alarming services. The Pressure Ranger includes an integrated pressure sensor and features a built-in GPS receiver that reports location of

  • Pressure Measurement Process Instrumentation Siemens

    Pressure on you to produce quickly, safely and efficiently. Not to mention the actual pressure in your processwhich you need to measure with maximum precision at all times. Tailored to the specific requirements of your applications, Siemens pressure measurement devices provide the confidence you need in your instrumentationhelping to

  • Pressure sensors Sensors Siemens Global

    Pressure sensors. Symaro covers the entire range of requirements for pressure measurement. It comprises sensors for measuring very low to high pressures in all kinds of different media such as liquids, gases, water, refrigerants and air.

  • Pressure gauges and pressure switches for different media

    If a previously set pressure level is reached, an action can be triggered by the pressure switch. This can be either a N/O or a N/C contact, or a current output signal, which is passed on by a pressure transducer. This means that various pressure switches can be easily integrated into different systems and adapted to the differentiated

  • Pressure Measurement USA Process Instrumentation

    Jul 15, 2021 · The pressure transmitter SITRANS LH300 is a submersible sensor for hydrostatic level measurement with protective caps made of PPE, stainless steel and ETFE. Remote Seals A remote seal system consists of a transmitter, one or two remote seals, an appropriate transmission liquid, and a connection between the transmitter and remote seal (direct

  • Pressure SensorsHaltech

    Inputs and CAN Expansion Products > Pressure Sensors. Pressure Sensors. Showing all 11 results. 150 PSI "TI" Fuel/Oil/Wastegate Pressure Sensor. Thread 1/8 NPT. Part Number HT. USD $189.00. Availability In stockready to ship. PRODUCT SPECS AND FEATURES. 250 PSI "TI" Fuel/Oil/Wastegate Pressure Sensor.

  • P61 USB Pressure TransducerValidyne Engineering

    Pressure readings as well as a temperature and calibration information like model number, serial number, last calibration date are available via USB. The P61 USB pressure transducer has 1/8 inch female NPT pressure connections and measures just 1.5 x 1.5 x 5 inches overall. The P61 is powered by the 5 Vdc USB and draws just a few mA.

  • Pressure Transducers & Pressure Sensors Overview HBM

    Pressure Transducers & Pressure Sensors. HBM pressure transducers and pressure sensors ensure precise results up to accuracy class 0.01. Thanks to strain gauge technology and monolithic design, the sensors are extremely durable, and are also suitable for high pressure

  • Pressure Sensors & Switches Sensata

    The PTE7100 pressure sensor is the ideal solution for customers with challenging measuring requirements for general industrial applications in the mid and high pressure ranges. Utilizing Sensata's automotive leading Micro Silicon Strain Gauge with best-in-class accuracy. Learn more about the PTE7100 series >.

  • PMC Engineering Pressure Transmitters, Level Sensors and

    Specializing in Pressure Transmitters, Level Sensors and Transducers Since 1963. Famous for our patented flush sensor technology, PMC Engineering has been an innovative global leader in the field of precision sensing instrumentation for more than 50 years.

  • Pressure sensors and gauges for air & gas CS Instruments

    Pressure sensors for compressed air and gas. Pressure monitoring in compressed air and gas systems helps to significantly reduce energy consumption. Only a few types of machines actually require compressed air with more than 6 bar overpressure. A reduction in the nominal pressure reduces both the power consumption and the leakage losses and

  • Pressure Transducer What Is It? How Does It Work? Types Types

    Pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, and pressure transducer are three pressure instruments often encountered in industrial processes. A pressure sensor is an element that directly receives the pressure exerted by a fluid. Pressure transducers have voltage as an output. The output can have a magnitude of millivolts or a higher voltage.

  • Accessories for pressure transmitters, pressure switches

    Trafag offers a wide range of original accessories which are ideally matched to our products. They include devices for monitoring or configuring transmitters such as hand pumps with precision pressure gauge or the Sensor Communicator, a handheld device which provides direct access to the calibration values of the transmitter in the Trafag ASIC.

  • Pressure Calibrators Fluke Pressure Calibration Tools

    Fluke offers a wide range of process pressure calibration equipment with precision pressure measurement from 15psi/1 bar to 10,000 psi/690 bar boasting 0.025% full-scale accuracy. Everything from simple pressure gauges to calibrators with built-in electric test pumps. Easy to use, rugged, and reliable construction and an industry-best 3-year

  • dorman 917 143 oil pressure sensor filter in Ethiopia

    Oil Pressure Filter Dorman eBay. See more Dorman Oil Pressure Sensor Filter 9171 Email to friends Share on Facebook opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest opens in a new window or tab. Add to Watchlist People who viewed this item also viewed.

  • Pressure Transducers Honeywell

    Pressure & differential pressure sensors in either silicon based or foil based strain gage technology perfect for many types of applications. High pressure transducers. 50000 psi to 100000 psi. AE F-250-C port. 0.5% accuracy. Custom 465 Stainless steel wetted material.

  • Pressure Transmitters and Transducers Emerson US

    Pressure transmitters and transducers with industry-leading performance help improve operations in a wide range of industries. Gain the Process Insight to Optimize Every Point With over 50 years of experience, Rosemount™, Paine™ and Roxar™ pressure instrumentation provide solutions to critical measurement challenges even in the harshest

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    Manufacturer of Pressure, Load/Force/Torque, Displacement, and Temperature Sensors. Stellar Technology designs and manufactures a broad range of application-solution products and one-of-a-kind transducers. Some of our products include pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, temperature transducers and displacement sensors.

  • Level TROLL 500 Data LoggerIn-Situ

    Level TROLL 500 Data Logger. The Level TROLL 500 is ideal for continuously logging measurements of water level, water pressure and temperature. Available in vented (gauged) pressure ranges up to 500 psig for automatic atmospheric compensation. Sensors calibrated across the full pressure and temperature range deliver accurate data.

  • Interfacing Pressure Sensor BMP180 with Arduino Uno

    Oct 25, 2015 · Here the pressure value will be read from sensor and is stored in the string “TEMPARATUREVALUE”. First we need to enable the header file (‘#include’), this header file has instructions written in it, which enables the user to interface an LCD to UNO in 4 bit mode without any fuzz. With this header file we need not have

  • Pressure Transducers Gems Sensors

    Gems Sensors Pressure Transducers feature an extensive range of options, technologies and configurations to meet demanding applications including off-highway vehicles, natural gas, semiconductor, HVAC/R, robotics transportation and general industrial. With pressure ranges up to 10,000 psig (689 bar), high-accuracy and exceptional durability, the Gems Sensors portfolio of

  • P61 USB Pressure TransducerValidyne Engineering

    Pressure readings as well as a temperature and calibration information like model number, serial number, last calibration date are available via USB. The P61 USB pressure transducer has 1/8 inch female NPT pressure connections and measures just 1.5 x 1.5 x 5 inches overall. The P61 is powered by the 5 Vdc USB and draws just a few mA.

  • Pressure SensorsMouser

    Pressure Sensors & Force Sensors are available at Mouser Electronics from industry leading manufacturers. Mouser is an authorized distributor for many pressure sensor and force sensor manufacturers including Amphenol, Honeywell, NXP, Schneider Electric, TE Connectivity & more.